This car belongs to Lucas.  He brought us the car for a dyno tune.  Once the car was on the rollers, we realized that there were several small mechanical issues with the car.  These were taken care of, and then back on to the dyno for the tune.

Acura Integra | Type-R | Dyno Tune

Here is the setup:

  • JDM B18C
  • Cometic Head Gasket
  • ARP Head Studs
  • Cast Turbo Manifold
  • 50 Trim T3/T4 Turbo
  • 2.5″ Downpipe
  • FMIC
  • 38mm Wastegate
  • 750cc Fuel Injectors
  • Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump
  • AEM 3.5 BAR MAP Sensor
  • Tuned on Crome GOLD

Here is the chart, tuned on 9.5 PSI.