Does your car have a vibration that won’t quit?

Failed engine mounts can cause a variety of drive line issue. The most common and most noticeable issue is NVH (or Noise, Vibration and Harness). Engine mounts do more than just hold the engine into the car. Engine and transmission mounts have rubber insulators that dampen vibrations from the engine. When these rubber inserts fail, the metal outer part of the mount is allowed to make contact with the engine, and transfers all of the vibration and noise into the rest of the car.

Here is a stock image of an engine mount. Note the construction.


Jason brought us his 1995 BMW 530i. We’ve made several repairs to Jason’s car, along with his BMW X3.


Recently, Jason’s been noticing a vibration through the car while accelerating. We’ve checked the car for faults, and noticed that the engine mounts are torn. We’re replacing these with new. This should stop all of Jason’s vibration issues.