Heads Up Automotive is proud to announce that we now have Dealership Level Programming and Coding facilities for BMW and Mini vehicles.

Our Programming and Coding features include:

  • ECU Programming
  • Cluster Programming
  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Data Logging
  • Condition Based Service Reports
  • ABS Systems
  • Airbag Modules
  • Steering Angle
  • Performance ECU upgrades

The above list applies to the entire BMW and Mini vehicle range and is just a brief overview of all the features that we can now offer to our BMW and Mini customers.

Simply put if the Dealership can do it so can we!

As with all of the services offered by Heads Up Automotive our goal is to offer Dealership level facilities at more affordable prices point, faster turn around combined with our knowledgeable friendly staff.

So next time your BMW or Mini needs to be serviced or repaired give us a try, we’ll be happy to earn your business.

Checkout our latest flyer below for more information about our exciting new services: