Call nearly any shop in the Upstate and ask “do you guys work on BMW cars?”. You can be assured that very few will be honest, and send the work to a qualified European specialist.  Even more common, shops will attempt to make repairs to your car without the proper training, tools, or diagnostic equipment. This can be a frustrating experience for a customer, and one that we see all to often. Here is a prime example that was in the shop this week.

Randall brought us his BMW 745i. He purchased the car used a few months ago, and had a check engine light on soon after. He delivered the car to his trusted mechanic, who tried multiple times to diagnose and repair the car. After 4 failed attempts, over a thousand dollars worth of parts and a hefty stack of invoices, Randall brought the car to us.

Heads Up is equipped with Dealer Level diagnostic software, and we have the same coding and programming capabilities as the dealership. We quickly diagnosed the problem as an intermittent fault with the fuel tank vent valve. This is a common failure for these cars, and a quick and easy fix when equipped with the right tools. We’ve also updated the DME, or engine computer, in Randall’s 7 Series.

After a week of driving, the check engine light has not returned, and Randall is yet again in love with his car.