Are you an M series fanatic?  Daily drive an E90 M3?   Did you just pick up a gently used E46 M3?   Or is there a E602 M5 lurking in your garage just waiting for the perfect weather?

If you’re an M series owner, the you understand the term “engineered to perfection”.   Your car is more than basic transportation.  It’s a well designed machine; a refined race car.  You know that BMW has put the very best designers, R&D, materials, and production methods into action to build one of the most praised vehicle lines ever.

Why short change your M??????


At Heads Up Automotive, we understand the importance of quality.  We know your machine….

This is why we are proud to offer lubricants from Castrol, and the reason that we stock and use Castrol 10w60 Professional.  The Castrol 10w60 Professional engine oil was designed hand-in-hand with BMW specifically for the M Series engines.  When your M3, M5, or M6 is need of service, give the pros at Heads Up a call.  We know you love your car, and we’d love to care for it.