BMW Optional Key Coding Menu

The key FOB for your BMW can be programmed to activate many service and convenience functions. Heads Up offers coding for all BMW and MINI Models!

List of Coding Examples:

(Please Note: Certain features are limited by Model Year
and Options. 2006 have limited feature availability)


  • Video in Motion for Hard Drive based CIC iDrive equipped vehicles
  • Complete windshield wiper cycle when you shut the car off
  • Disable seatbelt warnings for driver and passenger
  • Disable iDrive start up legal disclaimer
  • Unlock all doors when you remove the key
  • Key FOB auto ejects when engine off
  • AC off when Auto Climate pressed
  • Roll windows up/down with keyfob
  • Fold/unfold mirrors with keyfob
  • Remove amber sidemarkers (also when unlocking the car)
  • Euro-hazards (double pulse flash)
  • Fog lights on with high beam/flashers
  • Disable window safety feature (Able to roll windows up with doors open)
  • Rear fog lights work in tandem with brake lights
  • Enable M digital speedometer (non-M cars) with option of Actual Speed
  • Enable instant MPG display (M cars)
  • Enable changing automatic light sensitivity from the cluster (for those with no iDrive)




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