The key FOB for your BMW can be programmed to activate many service and convenience functions. Heads Up offers coding for all BMW and MINI Models!

List of Coding Examples:

(Please Note: Certain features are limited by Model Year
and Options. 2006 have limited feature availability)


  • Video in Motion for Hard Drive based CIC iDrive equipped vehicles
  • Complete windshield wiper cycle when you shut the car off
  • Disable seatbelt warnings for driver and passenger
  • Disable iDrive start up legal disclaimer
  • Unlock all doors when you remove the key
  • Key FOB auto ejects when engine off
  • AC off when Auto Climate pressed
  • Roll windows up/down with keyfob
  • Fold/unfold mirrors with keyfob
  • Remove amber sidemarkers (also when unlocking the car)
  • Euro-hazards (double pulse flash)
  • Fog lights on with high beam/flashers
  • Disable window safety feature (Able to roll windows up with doors open)
  • Rear fog lights work in tandem with brake lights
  • Enable M digital speedometer (non-M cars) with option of Actual Speed
  • Enable instant MPG display (M cars)
  • Enable changing automatic light sensitivity from the cluster (for those with no iDrive)