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When his BMW began to over heat, Marc brought us his 2002 BMW X5.  Marc’s cooling system was riddled with leaks, and in bad need of repair.  We replaced the radiator, water pump, and radiator expansion tank.

BMW X5 4.6i | Repairs and Upgrades | Heads Up Motorsports

BMW X5 | Spartanburg SC | BMW Repair

After Renee had some issues with her 1998 Audi A6, she had us tow it to the shop.  We diagnosed the issue as a broken timing belt.  When the timing belt breaks on an interference engine, the valves often come in contact with the pistons, and cause lots of damage.  We deal with this type of damage all the time, and our techs got right to work on it.  This is a huge job, and requires that both Cylinder heads be removed, along with the front end of the car.

1998 Audi A6 | Timing Belt Repair | Spartanburg, SC

Hayes brought his 2004 BMW M3 to the shop for several repairs.  His Passenger side window regulator was inoperative, and in need of repair.  Since Hayes knew that we were the go to guys for BMW performance, he also had us install a set of high performance brake pads and rotors while the car was on the lift!

BMW M3 | Repairs and Upgrades | Heads Up Motorsports

BMW M3 | Window regulator | Spartanburg BMW Repair