BMW makes a world class automobile, and superior cars demand service and repair that just any shop can’t provide.  At Heads Up Automotive, our technicians are familiar with European automobiles, what makes them work, and the services that they require to keep them in perfect condition.  Here is a little taste of what we’re doing today:

Mike brought us his BMW 745i.  He’s been having several transmission related issues.  We were able to narrow his problems down to a few small leaks, which over time have caused some issues.  We’re changing the seals in Mike’s transmission, the pan gasket, and filling it with OEM BMW fluid.

745i BMW | Transmission Repair | Spartanburg, SC

BMW Transmission Repair | Sealing Sleeve | Heads Up Motors

Mary brought us her 2004 BMW 530i for the BMW Schedule II inspection. We’re changing all of her filters, spark plugs, and oil.

BMW Factory Service Schedule | Schedule II Inspection

BMW Spark Plugs | Heads Up Motorsports