Heads Up Automotive is not only great at repairs and maintenance, but we’re your European performance center too! Our techs are among the best in the industry, and completely understand how a performance car should be cared for, upgraded, and modified. With our in house chassis dyno, we’re also able to offer a level of expertise and accuracy that no other shop in the area can equal.

Barry brought us his 2011 BMW M3 for a performance exhaust install. While Barry is very happy with his M3’s performance, he felt that his car lacked the “growl” that he needed. We were more than happy to take care of Barry’s needs, and suggested Innotech Performance’s Valvetronic Exhaust. This exhaust will give Barry the powerful “growl” that he was looking for, and at the touch of a button on the wireless remote, return the car back to a civilized “purr”.

Here are a few pics from the install:

Every Innotech Exhaust is individually labeled, along with a serial number.  We pride ourselves in only providing the highest quality parts and installation, and Innotech is a brand that we’re proud to install.

Innotech Exhaust | BMW M3 | Heads Up Motorsports

Our technician installing the tie bar that braces both mufflers together for a rattle-free installation:

Innotech Exhaust | BMW M3 | Heads Up Motorsports

And… the finished product:

2011 BMW M3 | Performance Exhaust | Innotech