Heads Up Automotive is your home for expert BMW repair!

Shops all over the Upstate profess to service and repair your BMW car, but aren’t equipped to handle the programming and coding that come along with many of the repairs on your BMW! Heads Up Automotive is equipped with the latest dealer level diagnostic and coding equipment on the market.

  • Programming and Coding and BMW module
  • Beyond dealer-level range of retrofitting and conversions
  • Dealer Level Diagnostic abilities
  • CBS reports

Check out some of what’s in the shop this week!

Sandra brought us her BMW 328i. It’s overheating. We’re replacing the electric water pump.

Barry’s BMW m3 is in the shop for an oil pan gasket replacement.

Dan brought us his BMW 750i after the brakes started to malfunction. He’s got several malfunction lights on the dash, and the pedal is really hard to press.  The 750i is known to get engine oil into the brake booster, causing it to fail. We’ll be replacing the booster, and have Dan driving safe again.

Peter’s BMW 535xi is in the shop this week. His twin turbo BMW has been fitted with a handful of performance upgrades!

  1. Berger Motorsports JB4 tuner
  2. Berger Motorsports Test pipes
  3. Berger Motorsports Cold Air Intake
  4. Berger Motorsports Intercooler upgrade
  5. Berger Motorsports Methanol Kit