Things are in full swing at Heads Up Automotive!

Maria took advantage of our free pick up service.  We brought her 2007 Lexus IS250 in for some routine maintenance, including a new set of brake pads and rotors.  If you’re busy, give us a call.  We can arrange to pick your car up, service it, and return it to you while you work!

Lexus Service and Maintenance | Spartanburg SC | Brake Job

Billy brought us his 2002 Audi A4.  Recently, the windows and the sunroof stopped working.  This is a common issues with VW and Audi vehicles.  Heads Up Automotive is the ONLY independent shop in the area that has the capability and tools to properly diagnose and repair VW and Audi cars.  After a scan, it’s apparent that the Central Locking Module is not communicating, and needs to be replaced and reprogrammed.

Audi repairs | Ignition coil | Heads Up motorsports

VW Central Locking and Convenience Module

Jay recently bought this 2003 Audi A6.  Shortly after the purchase, his car started to “skip” violently.  Jay brought us the car, and we’ve diagnosed it as a failed ignition coil.  This is a simple fix, and the car was running great in no time.  Every time your car is in our shop, we take the time and care to properly inspect it, from bumper to bumper.  In Jays instance, it’s a good thing that we inspected his timing belt.

Audi A6 Repairs | Timing Belt | Spartanburg SC

This the the old timing belt from Jay’s car.  Notice that it’s cracked and worn.  We’ve replaced the timing belt, along with all of the timing components.

Timing Belt | Audi and VW | Heads Up Motorsports

Chris’ Mercedes SL500 is in the shop.  When the car failed to start, they called us to pick the car up.

Mercedes SL500 | Repairs and Service | Spartanburg SC

Have an 1990’s model Lexus?  Has the gauge panel stopped working?  We can repair it.  Instead of simply replacing the panel with another 15 year old panel, save yourself lots of cash and have us repair yours!

Lexus Gauge Cluster Repair | Heads Up Motorsports