If you follow our blog, you already know that Heads Up is the Upstate’s home for European Auto Repairs.  But what happens when repairs aren’t enough?  We’ve got you covered!

Barry brought us his 2011 BMW M3 for a little more.  He’s in love with this car, but decided that he’d like just a little more horsepower.  Who can have enough power anyways, right??

We’re installing an ESS Tuning Supercharger on Barry’s M3, along with a set of cat-delete pipes.


After unpacking the goodies from ESS, we got to work.


The OE intake manifold is removed for installation of the fuel injectors that are supplied with the ESS kit.  The intake is also replaced with  a fabricated aluminum manifold that’s included with the kit as well.  Note the individual throttle bodies.


The OE Fuel injectors are replaced with a higher flowing set from Bosch.  The white one is the new Bosch unit.


The front bumper was removed for installation of the cool air intake.


After installation, the new intake moves the air filter into the front bumper to pick up cool air.


The Supercharger head unit bolts into place, and retains all factory accesories.  The ESS kit uses a Vortech Blower.


Once the blower is in place, the new manifold, along with a bypass valve  is installed.  Barry had this one color matched to his car.


And finished…..