When Ray and his friend were on their way from New York to Savanna, GA, a service light appeared on the dash of Ray’s newly purchased BMW X3.  Ray’s not that familiar with cars, and was concerned that his car may be in need of repair, or worse, could leave them stranded in the middle of the night.  Ray called our shop 5:50 PM, and even though we normally close at 6, asked him to swing by, and that we’d be happy to stay open to get him back on the road ASAP.

Emergency BMW Repair | Spartanburg, SC | BMW X3

Ray arrived shortly after 6 PM, and met with our service advisor, and 3 of our dedicated technicians who had volunteered to stay after hours to make sure our customers were cared for.  After a quick inspection and a diagnostic scan, it was determined that the light Ray was concerned with was simply the oil life indicator, and his car was only in need of an oil change.

BMW Service and Repair | Upstate, SC | Synthetic Oil

The moral to this story?  It’s a common stigma in the automotive industry; a distressed driver on the side of the road over pays for common repair service, or is charged for services that weren’t needed.  This isn’t the way that things are done at Heads Up.  Ray was thrilled to find that he was not in for a huge repair bill, and the Heads Up Team was delighted that we were able to have another satisfied, yet distant customer!