Heads Up Automotive is your Upstate VW, Audi and BMW repair center.  Here are just a couple of the jobs that are in the shop today:

Alfredo brought us his 1998 Audi A6 for repair.  The timing belt had broken and several of the valves are bent.  Off with the heads!

Audi A6 | Cylinder Head Removal | Spartanburg, SC

Here is the bottom of the cylinder heads.  Notice that the valves on the center cylinder are not seated, causing the engine to run poorly.

Audi A6 | Cylinder Head Removal | VW and Audi Repair

Matthew brought his 1999 VW Passat in for repair.  After his car lost power, he had us tow the car in.  We’ve been able to diagnose the problem as a faulty throttle control valve, and we’ll have him back on the road tomorrow!

VW Passat | Repair and Maintenance | Spartanburg, SC