Did you know that sooner or later your vehicle’s engine accessory drive belts and coolant hoses will dry out and crack? because over time, belts and hoses lose their ability to properly expand and contract.

That’s not good. One sudden malfunction of these relatively inexpensive but very important parts can have costly consequences.

So, stop by Heads Up Automotive today and we can help you avoid this kind of breakdown. In addition to oil changes, we also provide a range of preventive car maintenance services, including belt and hose replacement.

Our experienced technicians can detect many potential belt and hose problems with a simple visual inspection. Regular inspections, coupled with timely belt and hose replacement in accordance with your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations, will help protect against expensive repairs.

What Will It Cost?

Since Heads Up Automotive is locally owned and operated, price and service are paramount to our success within the community so you can expect our prices to be competitive and our service second to none. For the most accurate estimate, take your vehicle to Heads Up Automotive for a free inspection. Our trained technicians can then assess your vehicle’s needs, answer any questions and review your options.