Spartanburg Oil Changes and Servicing.

At Heads Up Automotive an Oil Change is far more than just an oil change. It’s a preventive maintenance program that enhances the reliability and longevity of your vehicle. Our technicians will:

  • Change your oil with the correct volume based on factory specifications
  • Replace oil filter
  • Visually Inspect:
    • antifreeze/coolant reservoir levels
    • engine air filtration system
    • serpentine belts
    • brake fluid level in transparent reservoirs
    • wiper blades
    • exterior lights
  • Lubricate the chassis (when applicable)
  • Rotate Tires
  • Check tire pressure
  • Check and top off fluids as needed

Bonus! You will also receive free top-offs on motor oil and any or all of these five vital fluids between service visits for up to 3,000 miles.**

Additionally, we will perform a service review, which includes a visual inspection of the engine air filtration and the vehicle manufacturer’s severe service* recommendations based upon the vehicle’s current mileage.

Call or stop by today for full details and pricing on all of our Oil Change and Service Options for your vehicle.

*Refer to vehicle’s owner’s manual for a definition of driving conditions.
**Up to a maximum of 2 quarts per fluid.