Heads Up Automotive specializes in European auto repair. We’re very familiar with Smart Cars, and have a long history with them.

Mindy brought us her 2008 Smart Fortwo Passion after the A/C stopped working.  After a thorough diagnostic, we’ve found the culprit!  It seems that some sort of small animal or rodent has chewed at a few of the wires at the A/C low pressure switch. This is causing the A/C compressor not to engage.



We’ve repaired the wiring and gotten Mindy’s A/C blowing cold. We’ll also be servicing the engine oil while we have the car.

Smart calls for a 0W40 engine oil, only available from Mobil1. Most quick lube establishments and normal garages do not stock this oil. Be very careful of running a “white box” or “house brand” oil in your Smart Car.