It’s been a super busy month for the Heads Up team.

Simon brought us his 2010 Smart Fortwo Passion.  After he purchased the car, he’s had a rough time finding anyone to service the car.  Heads Up Automotive is very familiar with the entire Smart line of cars, and we were able to take care of him.  We’ve resealed the oil pan gasket on Simon’s Smart Passion, and got him back on the road!

Heads Up Motorsports | Smart car repair and service

Jay’s 2009 Audi A4 repairs are nearly completed.  We’ve installed a new head gasket for Jay, and he should be back on the raod this week!

VW and Audi Repair | Heads Up Motorsports | Spartanburg SC

John brought us his BMW 525i for several repairs.  He’s had an issue with the car over heating.  After another shop was unable to stop the car from overheating, John delivered the car to us.  We’ve diagnosed the issue as a loss of coolant through a faulty expansion tank, but the constant over heating has caused severe engine damage, and the engine will need a new head gasket.  Repairs are almost completed, and John should be on the road, trouble free, within a few days!

BMW 525i Head Gasket | Repairs and Maintenance | Heads Up Motorsports