What a week!!!

We’re super busy at Heads Up!!  Here’s a quick glance at what we’ve got in the shop right now.

Toni brought us her Jetta for some repairs.  Her car had started to overheat, and she brought it to us right away.  We’ve diagnosed the issue as a faulty water pump, and will have Toni back on the road within hours!


Randall’s BMW 3 series is in for it’s scheduled maintenance.  Heads Up Automotive provides all factory recommend maintenance schedules.


Perry brought us this VW.  He’s from out of the area, but found the car for sale online at a local dealer.  Heads Up Automotive offers pre-delivery inspections for used vehicles.  While this car looked great on the outside, we found several small issues for Perry before he bought the car.  Having your car inspected before you buy is a great idea, and could potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs after the sale.  Give us a call before you buy your next vehicle!


When Zach’s Acura failed to start, he gave us a call.  We provide quick and cost effective towing, and were able to get Zach’s car right in the shop, repaired, and back on the road the same day.