We’ve been covered up this week!  It’s been great.  Cars rolling in for repairs, lots of performance upgrades, and tow trucks running like never before!

Michael brought us this 1994 BMW 325i.  He’s had a drivability problem for a while, and several other shops had been unable to diagnose the issue.   During acceleration, his car would stumble and jerk.  Michael was quoted for several expensive parts elsewhere, but we’ve managed to diagnose the issue as a simple fix, requiring no parts and very little labor.  It’s a good day to be at Heads Up!


After Paul’s 1994 Mercedes E420 failed to crank, he called us to have the car towed in.  We’ve diagnosed the issue as a faulty Neutral Safety Switch, causing the starter not to engage.  We’re replacing it with a new OEM unit, and we’ll have Paul on the road in no time!

1994 Mercedes | Neutral Saftey Switch | Spartanburg Auto Repair

Mercedes Repair Spartanburg

On the performance side of the business, things are just as busy.

Brendan brought us his B20 Turbo Civic for several upgrades and a dyno tune.  We’ve started by installing ARP heads studs and a new heads gasket.

B20 Turbo | Honda Civic | Heads Up Motorsports

Gary’s 2002 Pontiac TransAm is in the shop for a few upgrades.

Pontiac Trans Am | Upgrades and tuning