What a week!!!

After trying to repair his car at home, Lee decided it was time to bring his 2000 VW Jetta to the pros for a fix.

During the DIY repairs, the ignition lock cylinder was damaged, so we’ll be replacing that with a new OEM unit that has been coded to accept the original key.  This is important  so that the same key will open both the doors and start the car.

2000 Volkswagon Jetta | Lock Cylinder | Repair and Service

And the new parts:

VW Service and Repair | Lock Cylinder | 2000 Jetta

Mary brought us her 2006 BMW 325xi for several maintenance items.  Her car sees a lot of miles, and she wants to continue to drive it trouble free.

We’ve replaced the valve cover gasket, since all of the 3.0L engines are prone to leaks.

2006 BMW 325xi | Valve Cover Gasket replacement | Heads Up Motors

Mary’s transmission pan was also leaking, so we’ve replaced the pan gasket.  Keep in mind, BMW transmissions are normally service free.  Unless leaks occur, the transmission fluid is not changed.  We only use the best of fluids.

BMW Transmission Service | Spartanburg SC

BMW transmission fluid | Heads Up Motorsports | Spartanburg, SC

On the performance side of the business, it’s been a great week as well!

Lucas brought us his Acura Integra for a dyno tune via Hondata S300.  While his car is in the shop, we’re installing a larger fuel pump, an AEM MAP Sensor, and repairing his oil feed line.  He’s hoping to see close to 350whp out of this simple setup.

ACura Integra | Dyno Tune | Hondata S300

Ron’s Procharged Mustang is in the shop for an upgraded Comp Cams valve train and roller rocker conversion.

3.8L Ford Mustang | Roller Rocker Arms | Heads Up Motorsports

Jeromie brought us his 1997 Acura Integra for several upgrades, including a new valve train, camshafts  and a turbo kit installation.  After the parts are installed, we’ll be going onto the dyno for a tune via Crome Gold.  Be sure to check back for the dyno numbers!  He is a summary of the build:

  • BC Turbo Cams
  • BC Valve Springs
  • BC Ti Retainers
  • BC Stainless Valves
  • Cometic Head Gasket
  • ARP Head Studs

Acura Integra | Turbo upgrade | Dyno Tune

BC Springs and Retainers | Heads Up Motors | Acura Integra

Our LSX powered S14 240sx will be making it’s first appearance this weekend at Streetwise Drift in Concord, NC.  Be sure to check back for updates on the car’s progress.

Since the last event, the car has underwent a slew of upgrades.  Here is a brief recap:

  • ASD Hydraulic E Brake
  • Custom Roll Cage
  • Custom Steering Knuckles, modified for large steering angle
  • Custom fuel cell and fuel system upgrades
  • Fabricated cold air intake

Hydraulic E Brake | S14 Drift Car | Heads Up Motors

Custom Fabrication | Spartanburg SC