This past weekend, we took our newly caged LSX powered S14 drift car to Street Wise Drift’s 4th annual AntiFreeze Drift Event.   This is our first outing with the car, and we were very excited to see how the car performed.

All of the work on the car was performed in house, from the LSX engine swap to the roll cage.  Several parts were engineered and manufactured as one-off pieces, such as the modified steering knuckles.  Our hopes were to dial in the car, have some fun, and “shake down” the car before trying to be competitive.  Our driver, Adam, had other plans….

Adam managed to pull off a third place finish for the day, starting our season with a BANG!

Here are a few snapshots from the day:

Heads Up Motorsports | Streetwise drift | Tandem Drift

Street Wise Drift | Heads Up Motors | Adam Seaman

Heads Up Motorsports | Adam Seaman | 3rd Place SWD