It’s been a busy few weeks at Heads Up Automotive!  The shop is full of cars, and we’re getting busier daily!

Vincent brought us his 2001 BMW 745i.  He’s been hearing a lot of noise in the front end of the car, and we’ve diagnosed the issue as bad control arm bushings.

BMW 745i | Schedule II | Control arms

BMW Control arms | Heads Up Motorsports

Heads Up Automotive takes pride in our work, as well as your car.  Every time that your car is in our shop, we make sure to cover your seats and floor mats with protective covers.  Our technicians cover your fenders with cotton fender covers to protect from scratches, and after the job is complete, each car is washed before it’s returned to the owner.  It’s just a small part of what makes us different.

BMW M3 | Service and Maintenance | Attention to detail

Andy brought us his 1998 528i.  He’s had an issue with the car running hot.  He’s had the car in several other shops, and after he’s spent a ton on replacing parts that did not fix his issue, he’s brought the car to us.  We diagnosed the issue as a blown head gasket, caused by a leaking expansion tank.  The car is repaired properly, and on the road with no issues.

BMW Head Gasket Repair | Heads Up Motorsports

Donnie brought us his BMW M5.  He’s recently bought the car, and has noticed some noise from the exhaust.  The previous owner had improperly installed an aftermarket exhaust.  We’ve welded on new hangers, installed new mounts, and taken care of the rattle for him.

BMW M5 | Upgraded Exhaust

Pete dropped by in his new VW Golf GTi for a few dyno pulls.  He’s just installed a few bolt on performance parts, and wanted to see how much horsepower that his car is making.

VW Golf GTi | Dyno Pulls | Heads Up Motorsports

Sam’s Mini Cooper is in the shop for a new supercharger.  The nose bearing has failed, causing the car to stall and run poorly.  We’re replacing his supercharger with a new unit, and will have him on the road in no time.

Mini Cooper repairs | Spartanburg, SC | Heads Up Motorsports