It’s a busy week at the shop.  Customers are happy to find a repair center that offers the same quality as the dealer, at a great savings to them.


Barry brought us his 1997 BMW 740i after it started to overheat.  We’ve found a busted heater core return hose, and can have Barry turned around and on the road in a matter of hours, not days!


Terry brought her VW Passat to us after she was quoted for a timing belt job.  We were able to get Terry’s car ready the same day that it was dropped off, and managed to save her $261 from what she was quoted at the dealer.


We’re asked almost daily if we can service other makes and models, and the answer is always “YES”!  Most of our customers have friends and family that drive domestic vehicles as well.  Heads Up Motorsports services all makes and models.  Brandy brought us her Mustang because of a metallic squeal from the rear end.  She’s in bad nned of a set of rear brakes.  Check out the inside of the rotors as seen below!