Another packed out week at Heads Up!!

Chris’ E46 M3 is in the shop for a few repairs.  He’s been noticing water in the passenger side floorboard after the rainy weather.  We’ve found the source of the leak, sealed it up, and removed all of Chris’ carpet to make sure it’s good and dry before it’s buttoned up.  We’ll also be doing an oil change while the car is in the shop.


When John noticed a spot of fluid in his driveway, he gave us a call.  We’re replacing the transmission pan gasket on his 745i.


Kelly’s 328i is in the shop for a number of repairs.  After the car died on the road, she had it towed to us.  We’re replacing the fuel pump, as well as taking care of the routine maintenance.


Rusty’s Mercedes Benz GL550 is in the shop for some suspension repair.  This model is equipped with air suspension, and has started to leak down over time.  We’re replacing the front right air strut, and should have him running in no time.


When Amanda’s Volvo S60 failed to start, she called us right away and we had it towed in with the Heads Up Tow Truck. After examining her car our technician has determined the fault to be within her ignition switch so we’ll be installing a new unit, resetting her key, and she’ll be ready to ride in no time!