We’ve been busier than ever at the shop!  Here are a few of the car that we’ve had in:

Heads Up Motorsports | BMW Repair | Spartanburg SC

Sandra brought us her 2003 BMW 330ci after it failed to crank.  We’ve diagnosed the issue as a faulty clutch safety switch, and replaced it with a new OEM unit.

BMW 330ci Repairs | Heads Up Motorsports

Heads Up Motorsports | BMW Repair | Spartanburg SC

Vince brought us his 745li BMW after the transmission light came on.  We’ve noted that the transmission was several quarts low on fluid, and that the pan was leaking.

BMW Service and Repair | Spartanburg, SC |

BMW transmission Repair | Heads Up Motorsports

Jon found us on the internet, checked out our blog and saw that we service VW and Audi models.  He drives neither, but when Jon’s air cooled, VW powered trike started to give him trouble, he was on the way the Heads up for repair.

Sort of a VW | VW and Audi Repair | Spartanburg SC

Steve brought in his 2005 BMW X5 for it’s scheduled maintenance.  If you own a BMW, you already know how important maintaining your investment is.  Heads Up offers factory scheduled maintenance on all makes and models, not just BMW!!

BMW Schedule II Maintenance | Spartanburg SC

Daniel brought us his BMW 545i.  It’s been leaking water for a while, and recently began to overheat.

Several BMW V8 engines had similar issues with the engine cooling tube.  This is a costly repair, and can potentially ruin your engine.  Heads Up Automotive is familiar with this issue, and access to an aftermarket kit to replace the cooling pipe with a much more simple design, saving you downtime and money.

BMW 545i Repair | Leaking water pipe

BMW Cooling pipe Repair

With her car overheating and out of town, Shirley found Heads Up online and gave us a call.   Within minutes, our tow truck was in route.  Shirley and her car were brought to the shop.  We diagnosed her overheating issue as a simple thermostat replacement, and were able to get her back on the road within hours.

BMW thermostat replacement

John brought his Audi A4 Quattro in after the transmission had failed.  He had taken the car to the dealership, and after seeing the high price of transmission replacement, sought us out for a better price and a great job.  We were able to source a low mileage used transmission, and save John nearly $3,000 over the price of the dealership.

Vw and Audi repair | Transmission replacement

If you follow the blog, you already know that Heads Up is your home for BMW, VW and Audi repair.  Heads Up also services all makes and models of domestic and import cars.

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