We’ve been covered up this week!  Lots of jobs rolling in, projects hitting the dyno, and lots of happy customers!  Just the way we like it!

Hayes brought us his 2003 BMW M3.  He’s had an issue with his battery as of late, so we’ll be addressing that.  While the car is in the shop, we’ll also be taking care of his schedule 2 maintenance.  M3 owners, be sure that the shop that maintains your car is providing the correct engine oil for your performance car!  BMW specifies that the M3 should use 10w60 engine oil!

As always, every car that enters the shop is protected with seat covers, floor mats and fender covers.

20023 BMW M3 | Valve Adjustment | 10w60 | Service and Repair

BMW M3 | Service and Repair | Spartanburg SC

Peggy brought us her VW Passat 4 motion.  She’s been having issues with her car for a while.  After the car was diagnosed by the VW dealer, Peggy called us for a second opinion.  While our diagnosis was the same as the dealership, our price for the repair came in about $650 less.

VW Repairs | Spartanburg SC | Passat

VW Catalytic Converter replacement | Spartanburg SC

Issaac brought us his VW Golf GTI.  Shortly after an alignment at another shop, his car started leaking power steering fluid.  Take a look at the picture below.  The alignment shop failed to loosen two small clamps, causing the rack boots to bind and tear.  We’ve replaced the steering rack, adjusted teh alignment, and got him back on the road.

VW Steering rack repairs | Spartanburg SC

Fredrick brought us his BMW 330ci.  He had just purchased the car, and wanted to make sure that the maintenance was up to date.  We’ve taken care of all of the maintenance issues, as well as address a “clunking” noise in the front end.

BMW 330ci | Schedule 2 Maintenance

BMW service and repair | Spartanburg SC