Tom brought us his VW Beetle for a new timing belt and water pump. Late model VW cars are equipped with a water pump that features a plastic impeller.  Over several years of service, the plastic cracks, breaks away, and the car begins to overheat.  These water pumps can be replaced with a much more durable unit, built with a metal impeller.


Cora brought us her 2001 Audi A4 for a new set of brakes on all four corners.


When the transmission on Kendrick’s 2004 BMW 740i began to slip, he brought it to us.  We’re replacing the valve body.  The valve body on these units also serves as the transmission control unit, so it also has to be programmed to the car.  Programming is a service usually reserved for the dealer, but Heads Up is equipped with the tools to complete any coding or programming needs that your BMW has!


Brakes squeal?  Swing by for a free brake inspection!  We stock and use Textar brake components!


Terry brought us his MG for a few repairs and a tune up for the spring season!