Got a VW?  Need Service?  You’re in the right place!  Heads Up Automotive is the only independent shop in the area to have the VW/Audi specific diagnostic software necessary to properly diagnose your German vehicle.  Take the guesswork out of repairs, save yourself valuable time and costly mistakes, and bring your car to the pros at Heads Up!!!

Andrew brought us his 2005 VW Jetta after he’s heard a “grinding noise”.  We’ve diagnosed the sound as a faulty water pump, and we’ll have him back on the road in no time!!!

2005 VW Jetta | 2.5L | Water Pump

VW Jetta | Broken Water Pump

Josh’s 1999 VW Jetta is in the shop for several repairs.  He’s noticed a lot of vibration at idle, and a rough shift from the transmission.  We’ll be replacing his engine mounts, and taking care of several other issues while the car is with us!