Transmission Cutaway Illustration

Transmission Cutaway Illustration

When you turn the key in the ignition and your car won’t start, it can often be difficult to determine the exact problem because of the complexity of engines. But when your car starts and the transmission slips, it can only mean one thing – the transmission needs repairs. Some people drive around for months with annoying transmission problems until it gets bad enough to cause a serious safety issue.

Waiting for a serious vehicle problem is not a good course of action. A small problem can turn into an expensive problem. Fortunately, the transmission is like the car engine – give it some regular attention and you can avoid most problems. Yet it’s not unusual for people to perform routine maintenance on the engine or air conditioner and then proceed to ignore the transmission.

Extend Transmission Life

The kinds of transmission maintenance services which can extend the life of your transmission are not complicated if you know what you are doing and have the right tools. A trained automotive technician can satisfy both requirements and add the convenience of doing regular maintenance on your car before expensive problems begin to appear.

For businesses, maintaining the transmissions in fleet vehicles is even more important. Business vehicles are driven many miles in a variety of circumstances including up and down hills and in congested traffic requiring a lot of speed changes. Fleet vehicles are also driven by a variety of people and each person has a different driving style.

Proper maintenance of the transmissions in the fleet vehicles can keep your cars and trucks on the road where they are making the company money.

Regular transmission services may include the following.

  • Check transmission fluid levels
  • Change fluid and filter per maintenance schedule
  • Change fluid in torque converter
  • Check transmission sensors
  • Check modulator valves
  • Clean transmission using specialty cleaning fluid

A transmission should be flushed every 15,000 to 20,000 miles. If you don’t put many miles on the vehicle the rule of thumb is to flush the transmission every 2 years minimum.

On the Spot

Letting Heads Up Motorsports take care of your transmission needs provides some assurances you are getting the job done right. Though some try to do this kind of maintenance on their own, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

  • Clean job without messy spills
  • Able to check for signs of problems during fluid change such as metal shavings
  • Able to check for signs transmission is developing problems which could lead to future problems
  • Insures correct fluid is used for the make of vehicle and transmission

Making sure your transmission gets regular maintenance can save you a lot of money and problems over time. Unfortunately it is often one of those simple maintenance chores that doesn’t get done as frequently as it should. Heads Up Motorsports offers convenient and high quality transmission maintenance and rebuilding servicing to make sure you and your car stay on the road.

So stop into Heads Up Motorsports today for all of your transmission needs.

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