BMW X5 Valve Cover Gasket & Oil Stand Gasket Replacement

Today in the shop we have this BMW X5 which currently has several oil leaks. Oil leaks on these vehicles tends to be a common issue and our technician has pin-pointed these particular leaks to be related to the Valve Cover Gasket and the Oil Stand Gasket. Our technician also found that the main drive

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BMW Alpina B7L Thermostat Replacement & Software Updates

Replacing the thermostat assembly and performing some needed software updates on this 2011 BMW Alpina B7L at the shop today due to thermostat failure and a communication issue between modules. Our customer also requested that we take care of any needed maintenance while we have the car. If you are interested in having this service

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Audi Q7 Thermostat Housing & Mechanical Fuel Pump Replacement

Replacing the thermostat housing and high pressure mechanical fuel pump on this 2007 Audi Q7 at the shop today due to a coolant leak, power loss and running issues, along with an entire vehicle inspection and regular maintenance. If you are interested in having this service performed please contact us at: Phone: 864-541-8900 Fax: 864-699-9446 Heads

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Coolant Flush Winter Special!

At this time of the year as the temperature starts to drop the leading cause of break downs and major vehicle damage is due to poor quality coolant or even worse no coolant! With this in mind at Heads Up Automotive we believe strongly in preventative maintenance, so to help our customers stay safe this

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Land Rover Servicing Now Available!

Heads Up Automotive is excited to announce that we will now be offering full servicing, repairs and diagnostics for the entire Land Rover vehicle range to the Spartanburg, Greenville and surrounding areas. All work will be performed in house by our trained Technicians with service as comprehensive as your dealer, but at a much lower

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Spartanburg Auto Repair & Service June 2014 Update

Checkout a few photos of some of our recent service and repair work including the start of a restoration project on a right hand drive 1987 Mini Cooper: This Z06 Corvette was dropped off for and oil change and alignment: BMW 330xi Front Brake Replacement: Audi A4 Oil Change and Scheduled Maintenance: 2008 Mercedes C300

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Auto Repair Spartanburg, SC

2014 is looking to be a busy year at Heads Up Automotive. From regular maintenance items such as oil changes, brakes and tires to larger repairs such as air conditioning repairs, over heating issues and engine replacement our experienced team has got the knowledge to take great care of you. Whatever you drive our team

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Spartanburgs Leading BMW Service Center

As 2013 draws to a close we continue to stay busy with a full shop of vehicles including a wide variety of BMW customers. Ranging in services from regular maintenance items such as oil changes, brakes and alignments to larger repairs like valve cover gaskets, oil pan gaskets and water pumps. Remember that Heads Up

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Porsche Boxster S Water Damage and Repairs

One of our customers recently had an issue with his 2006 Porsche Boxster S. After a night of heavy rain the interior cabin of his car became saturated with water. This alone would be a problem but after starting the car for the first time he found that his problem was becoming much larger. His

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