Spartanburg MINI Cooper Repair Center

When Tina's MINI Cooper S started to stall on the road, she took it to a generic chain garage in town. They were unable to properly diagnose and repair the issue, so the car was delivered to us. Special tools are required to service Tina's MINI, and Heads Up is quipped with the tools needed

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Spartanburg’s Leading European Repair Shop

Heads Up is the place for European car repair! Stan's 2001 BMW 525i came in overheating and leaking coolant.   Tony's BMW 335i is in the shop for a CBS vehicle inspection.   David had a steering angle sensor installed at another local garage. He had to bring his car to Heads Up for coding

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BMW, VW and Audi Repair | Spartanburg, SC

When Jenny's VW Jetta stalled on the road, she had it towed to us. We've diagnosed the issue as a bad alternator, and will have her back on the road ASAP.   Jim's BMW 335i left him stranded in the middle of a road trip. He's brought the car to us for repair.   Sarah's

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Spartanburg BMW Repair & Servicing

Ricks BMW Z4 is in the shop for an oil change and a scheduled maintenance.   Brian's BMW 645i is in the shop. He's has a ABS light and DSC light. We've diagnosed the issue as a faulty alternator.   Barrys M3 is back in shop for a new of brakes. We're also installing a

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European Car Repair | Spartanburg SC

Heads Up is the upstate's leading repair shop for European car repair! Brandon brought us his 2001 BMW Z3. The car has been in storage for some time, and he's ready to have it out for the summer. We're taking care of all of the maintenance that's due on the car.   It's summer, and

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Cadillac Service and Repair | Heads Up Auto

It's common for us to be asked if we work on anything but European cars.  Our answer?  "Of course we do". If it has wheels, we can fix it. John was referred to Heads Up by a friend. He's brought us his Cadillac Escalade for a tune up, and mentioned that his truck does not

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BMW and VW Repair | Spartanburg SC

Heads Up is Spartanburg's go to location for European automobile repair! Brian has brought us his 2001 BMW X5. He's got a laundry list of concerns, from A/C to an engine rattle. As always, Heads Up will diagnose the problems, and issue a written estimate for repair.   When Tonya's 2000 VW Jetta started to

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Smart Car Service and Repair | Spartanburg SC

Heads Up Automotive specializes in European auto repair. We're very familiar with Smart Cars, and have a long history with them. Mindy brought us her 2008 Smart Fortwo Passion after the A/C stopped working.  After a thorough diagnostic, we've found the culprit!  It seems that some sort of small animal or rodent has chewed at

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Spartanburg’s BMW Repair Specialists

Heads Up is Spartanburg's home of BMW service and Repair! We are equipped with the most up to date, dealer level diagnostic equipment available. In addition to normal service and repair, we offer: ECU Programming Cluster Programming Diagnostic Trouble Codes Data Logging Condition Based Service Reports ABS Systems Airbag Modules Steering Angle Calibration Performance ECU

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Vintage VW Repair – Spartanburg SC

Is your classic VW in need of repair? When Justin's VW Beetle stopped on the side of the road, he gave us a call. We had the car towed in within an hour, and diagnosed the problem as a failed alternator.  We'll be replacing the alternator, and have Justin back on the road in no

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